Kit Contents

Download the Building with Biology digital kit

Access to the digital files for the Building with Biology 2016 physical kit are available online. This includes files for the planning and promotional, orientation and training, and educational materials.


The Building with Biology 2016 physical kit contains six hands-on activities and two forums to engage and create conversations between scientists and the public about synthetic biology. During the summer of 2016, over one hundred and sixty (160) sites nationwide participated in Building with Biology events. The physical kit includes all the hands-on activity and forum supplies, staff, volunteer and scientist training and resource materials, promotional and marketing materials, and more. 

Building with Biology hands-on activities provide educational experiences that typically last less than 15 minutes and are often presented at a table, cart or in a demonstration space such as in an exhibit hall or classroom. Activities are designed for family audiences and work particularly well for ages 8 and up. Activities are adaptable and are intended to be facilitated by scientists or educators to promote conversations with the public around the societal implications of synthetic biology. 

  • Forums - explore the Building with Biology forums and their resources 
  • Kit Contents (PDF) - explore the contents of the Building with Biology physical kit

To see the list of pilot hands-on activities and forums presented during Summer 2015 Building with Biology pilot events at eight museums across the United States, visit Year 1 Pilot Events & Activities.