Building with Biology forums provide an opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversations with scientists about important issues regarding the potential societal and ethical implications of synthetic biology. Forum discussions take approximately an hour and a half, are targeted at older audiences (16+), and are often most successful as a separate event marketed to adults in a quiet space. Facilitated by educators, Building with Biology forums are adaptable and allow scientists to participate alongside members of the public to promote conversations about synthetic biology. 

  • Kit Contents - web page provides overview of hands-on activities
  • Forums Manual (PDF) - this manual is a great resource tool for planning and organizing a forum at your own institution 
  • Kit Contents (PDF) - explore the contents of the Building with Biology physical kit

To see the list of pilot hands-on activities and forums presented during Summer 2015 Building with Biology pilot events at eight museums across the United States, visit Year 1 Pilot Events & Activities.

Summer 2015 Building with Biology pilot forum at Museum of Science